Symposium Announcement

The symposium  will showcase OSU as a global leader in artificial intelligence and robotics. OSU faculty and national experts will participate and discuss the potential benefits, risks, ethics and uncertainties of the emerging technologies of artificial intelligence and robotics. These experts will contribute their insights into the potential for AI and robotics to transform agriculture, health care, natural resource management, transportation, arts and entertainment as well as consider possible impacts on jobs, the economy, our laws and privacy. This free event will welcome all members of the OSU community—students, faculty and staff—as well as the public. The day will engage academia, industry, policy makers and others.

Lunch and the evening reception will take place in the CH2M HILL alumni center, where we will host an innovation fair with booths, exhibits, food stations, etc. The concept is intended to engage symposium attendees in exciting and interactive ways. Please share the word in your college about this opportunity to showcase innovative thinking from faculty and students. We hope to have all plans for innovation fair participants in place by Sept. 1, so time is of the essence. If you or someone from your college would like to be involved, please contact Shelly Signs, OSU150 executive director, by email or at 737-0724 as soon as possible.

More soon…